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Dairy & Beef

If You Run a Dairy or Feeder Calf Operation, Ag Works Has a Product That Will Help Increase Production or Save You Money.

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High Quality Products to Improve Your Bottom Line.

We search the globe for the highest quality products to improve your cattle operation.

MIK International is widely recognized as the leading animal flooring manufacturer. MIK’s dairy parlor flooring is known for its durability and anti-slip properties with options for feeder cattle, and dairy barns.

Arato produces high quality cattle water nipples and bowls with unmatched durability. Additionally, Arato water systems provide the correct water flow to maximize your cattle’s water intake.

CowKühlerZ produces an intelligent cattle cooling system that help boost conception rates, improve milk production and overall hoof health.

Dairy & Beef

Parlor Flooring

  • Easy Clean and Effective Drainage.
  • Knobbed Grip Anti-Skid Surface Makes for Safer Working Conditions.
  • Surface is Manufactured to Provide a Work Area That is Easy on Hips and Joints.
  • Fiberglass Beams Provide an Anti-Corrosive Support System.
Dairy & Beef

Feeder Calf Flooring

  •  No More Bedding Means Lower Cost of Operations
  • Special Surface Design Offers Good Foot Hold and Keeps Panels Dry and Clean.
  • Excellent Load-Bearing Characteristics

Arato Dairy & Beef Watering

Dairy & Beef

Arato 1/2" or 3/4" Cattle Watering Nipple

  •  Water Jet Delivers Up to 1.3 Gallons Per Minutes
  •  High Quality and Durable Design Provides 10+ years of use.
  •  Waste Less Water
Dairy & Beef

Arato 1/2" or 3/4" Cattle Watering Bowl

  •  8.5″ Diameter Bowl
  • Enameled Cast Iron Bowl holds 68 Ounce of Water
  • Durable and Reliable Pressure Flap Made of Solid Brass
  • Universal Mounting on Wall, Pipe Columns or Wooden Beams
Dairy & Beef

3 Part CowKühlerZ System

The CowKühlerZ System continuously monitors the cows’ environment, then providing precisely and automatically the best type of cooling. It encourages more resting, ruminating and milk making while improving summer conception rates and hoof health.

Dairy & Beef
Dairy & Beef

KühlBlu Controler

  • HAC, the Holding Area Controller will automatically manage your fans and nozzles in the holding pen during the milking time. In between milking times, the HAC will shut the fans and nozzles off, saving you water and energy.
  • KBC, switches the KuhlBlu Fans on and off when needed and sets the variable speed of the fans depending on the ambient temperature and your cows’ needs.
  • CKC, the CowKühlerZ Controller monitors temperature and humidity year-round and provides intelligent water cooling only when needed.
Dairy & Beef

KühlBlu Fan

  •  High Velocity, Variable Speed Fan.
  •  EC-Motor, generating a focused, powerful airflow, up to 35 mph, and providing maximum cooling while being highly energy efficient.
  • At 60 ft. distance the 25″-KühlBlu still reaches 5 mph velocity, greatly reducing the total number of fans needed per barn.
  • KühlBlu Fans will lead to less standing and more resting, a simple recipe for better health and productivity.
Dairy & Beef

KühlBlu Nozzles

  • Delivering precise, perfectly-sized water particles directly on the cows’ coat
  • Water particles evaporate -with the body heat- into the air
  • Bedding does not get wet
  • Minimizing the water use to a fraction of other methods use.
Dairy & Beef

High Load Bearing Flooring System

  • Support Leg System For Wider Spanning.
  • Fiberglass Beams Ensure Stable and Durable Panel Support.
  • Delta-Profile Provides High Load Bearing and Stability