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Pig Products

Whether you operate a farrowing, feeder or finish pig operation we have products that will provide you value.

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High Quality Products to Improve Your Bottom Line.

We search the globe for the highest quality products to improve your hog operation. 

MIK International widely recognized as the leading animal flooring manufacturer. MIK’s hog flooring is known for its durability and anti-slip properties with options for sows, feeder pigs and fattening barns. 

Arato produces a high quality hog water nipple with unmatched durability. Additionally, Arato water nipples provide the correct water flow to maximize hog water intake translating to bigger yields.


Farrow to Finish Flooring

  • 22 Types of Sow Flooring, 13 Types of Weaning, 4 Types of Fattening Flooring.
  • Surface Finish Engineered for Excellent Foothold.
  • Rounded Ridges for High Self-Cleaning.
  • High Energy Heating Systems to Increase Litter Weight.

MIK Flooring, North Carolina State University Test Results

In 2012, at North Carolina State University, Dr. Billy Flowers conducted a study on behalf of MIK International. The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of MIK International’s Thermo W heating panels opposite other methods of creep heating. What he found was astounding:


Total litter weight increase over other methods tested!


Arato Watering System

Arato has over 100 years of experience in designing and manufacturing waterers.

This knowledge, combined with carefully selected high tech materials and a zero-tolerance quality control, is the foundation of our exceptional product reliability.

 In today’s high production farms 100% reliable equipment is the foundation to achieve top performances every day.


  • Watering Nipples That Withstand 10+ Years of Use.
  • Healthier Sows, Less Mortality.
  • Less Waste Water, Less Manure.
  • More Weaned Pigs, Less Cost per Pig Weaned.

MIK Flooring Options

From farrow to finish MIK Industries offers high quality flooring options that is better for your animals, will increase production and last 20+ years.


High Load Bearing Flooring System

  • Support Leg System For Wider Spanning.
  • Fiberglass Beams Ensure Stable and Durable Panel Support.
  • Delta-Profile Provides High Load Bearing and Stability